Top 5 Most Viewed News Blogs in Kenya in 2017

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Well, you would agree with me that doing news blogs has become a very integral part of the Kenyan society.

Blogging platforms such as Bloggers and WordPress which are the top blogging sites, receive thousands and thousands of new users (bloggers) every other day. People are willing and ready to share more and more from all sorts of writing you can imagine of.

In the rise of such a high number of blogs, it’s very difficult to determine which blog is worth visiting as they lack creativity and original content. Important to note is that most bloggers have resorted to gossip hoping that it sells fast.

The News Blogs that Have Stood Out away from mainstream media

Our feature today, we highlight the blogs that have stood out as most reliable and trusted by most Kenyans. If you are also looking for a place to advertise, these are the blogs.


Tuko Kenya is a unique combination of trending news, viral content, gossip and entertainment news from Kenya and around the world. It’s news can be read in Swahili & English.

Tuko currently ranks as the #1 most viewed blog and the 3rd most viewed website in Kenya with slightly over 2000 sites linking to it. It seems to be a reliable source of news for over 98% of its visitors browse during working hours and over 70% are from graduate school. It is ahead of other main stream media news blogs such as nation, standard and the others. It has a bounce rate (the number of people who navigate away from the site after visiting only one page) of 46% with 59% of local traffic.


Did you know Ghafla did a complete re-branding and is moving into other other Eastern Africa countries?

Before Tuko made an entrance into the top position, Ghafla was the people’s favorite for all the gossip and entertainment news. It’s content was one of the most shared with the highest number of advertisers.

Currently, it stands as the 2nd most visited entertainment blog and the 14th most visited site in Kenya (74%). An average user spends at least five minutes on site. The traffic share ratio between men and women is one to three. The bounce rate is 52%.


The site received it’s fame late last year and has been among the top sites since. It’s content is latest news, thousands of music videos, politician bios, Kenyan artists, government breakdown and much more. It’s basically everything that would keep you entertained.

It gets most of its traffic from both working graduates and college students in closely equivalent ratio. A single user takes approximately ten minutes on site. 75% of its traffic is from Kenya with other regions like US dividing the remaining percentage and is ranked 15th most viewed site in Kenya. It’s bounce rate is slightly higher than Tuko at 47%.


This is a rather very new website at this position and acquired its new status sometime early August this year. Perhaps because it’s because it was the only channel that could stream live all the online television channels in one single space. It shares mostly news and live video content. It has the least bounce rate at 31%.

A single user takes approximately six minutes on site and gathers its traffic from people both at work and home in equal ratios. It ranks number 17th with 59% of traffic in Kenya. If you can’t reach the channels at home, Kenyamoja has you covered.


When you are looking for where to get “more juice”, this is the place. The content on this site is purely entertainment and celebrity news.

87% of its traffic is from Kenya and an average of five minutes on site per visitor. However, slightly different from other early news blogs, it has a bounce rate of 56.7% while the rest had lower rates and is seemingly struggling to keep itself up as it’s global rank has dropped drastically over the past few months.

Now you know. These stats are provided as of this month, and the stats change every other minute. Next time you know where to search for what content. Happy browsing!


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