Digital Marketing Training Every Marketer in Kenya Should Invest in this Year

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Are you a business owner, startup or professional marketer looking for digital marketing training in Kenya?

Well, for so many years, traditional modes of marketing such as direct mails, print, radio and TV had been the core of marketing. To date, it still occupies a good share of the market despite it being expensive leaving only to businesses with big budgets.

In 2018 and beyond, we should expect least of traditional marketing. In fact, most companies are already moving away to less expensive digital marketing with a low mix of traditional marketing. Startups and businesses on low budget find it very crucial to hack their growth strategy.

The Growth in Digital Marketing Training in Kenya

The shift in demand to digital marketing should signify change for the persons in the marketing profession to re-think marketing. There is a new way to do things!

You must learn how to meet and interact with your audience in the online space. For example, such institutions as banks are moving from TV, radio and print to online marketing. According to latest stats, over 70% of your potential leads with the purchasing power can be found online.

As a marketer, it would be late to say you need hands on experience in internet marketing.

In Kenya, the digital marketing space continues to grow and there is constant need for very skilled digital marketers to fill the gaps.

Businesses and companies are automating their marketing processes and giving more focus to the channels that can produce measurable results contrary to the old marketing models.

You can become a digital marketing expert without courses and extra training programs.

However, you would feel that digital marketing training would be good for you. The training program would give you a good networking opportunity, perfect learning structure and much needed mentor-ship.

Here is a list of some of the companies that currently offer digital marketing training in Kenya.


OraDMT stands for Oracom Digital Marketing Training, It is a brand of Oracom Web Solutions, a web and mobile app development company based in Westlands, Nairobi.

OraDMT has stood out over time as the best overall digital marketing training institution in Kenya. Even though launched less than 3 years ago, it already boasts of training 1000+ students from across East Africa in 50+ training sessions.

Another reason why it has stood out is perhaps cos of its course structure. The institution offers practical approach to learning. Students are taken through a rigorous process of practical skills using several tools the company has invested in.

Digital Marketing Training in Kenya - Oradmt

It also has some of the best trainers in the industry.

The digital marketing training by Oracom begun as a free training for its clients in helping them establish a strong digital marketing strategy once their projects were complete. However, due to the increasing demand, the company opened it for the public.

If you need hands on skills in digital marketing, OraDMT is your place! For full information, visit


Digital 4 Africa

Digital4Africa is also a web and mobile app development company. The company boasts of having some of the brightest minds in the market today.

They are top experts in mobile app development, content writers and UX designers. They have also partnered with various top minds in the industry to deliver a digital marketing master class sometime in February.

Dgital Marketing Training in Kenya - D4A

The master class includes:

  • Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Media Planning.

To learn more, visit master class website for more information.

Africa Digital Media Institute

ADMI is a leading creative media and technology training institution, offering practical courses in Film & TV Production, Mass Communication, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Animation & Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Photography and Multimedia.

The programmes combine high-spec technical training in creative media and technology with intensive digital and soft-skills coaching, along with a rigorous apprenticeship process, to achieve a 100% placement rate.

The school offers Certificate in Digital Marketing as a professional course within its Nairobi Campus.

A student can choose from any of the 3 levels.

Level 1

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Online Advertising

Level 2

Social Media Marketing
Online Sales

Level 3

Growth Hacking
Leading a Digital Marketing Team

The Simon Page

Simon Page College of Marketing, Kenya, provides Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate courses and training in Professional Marketing.

The institution is Africa’s leading CIM accredited study centre with presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Digital Marketing Training in Kenya - Simon Page

The offer CIM courses ranging from core to specialized qualifications in digital marketing and communications within flexible study options to help you achieve work-life balance.

Head over to the institution’s website to learn more about their courses

These are our top summary of institutions that provide professional digital marketing training.

In such a growing industry, only rely on the best!


Scott Herbert is a Web Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist. Currently working with Oracom Web Solutions as Lead Digital Marketing Strategist and Search Engine Marketing trainer for ORADMT. He is Team Member of Blumedia Digital Consulting

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