Digital Marketing Strategy – 5 Simple Reasons Why You Need It

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Digital marketing strategy is essentially for any business out there looking to reducing operational and client acquisition costs.

However, most of the time one fails to grasp the fundamentals of putting a business online. So, what do you need to build your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing Strategy

1. Have a clear focus.

For any business to achieve a significant goal using the new online tools and resources, they must have clear objectives of what they want to achieve fully in their digital marketing strategy. Call it the digital marketing blueprint. This strategy should have a focal pointer of where the business wants to be in the future.

Whether such goal is in driving more traffic to your website, generating more sales leads through online advertising or increasing sales conversions, your objective must be very clear. It informs the contents of your digital marketing strategy, your online value proposition, defines your target audience and the relevant tools to execute that strategy.


2. Understand your target market.

Like in every form of marketing, understanding your market is very essential for your campaign. Even more complicated is the new world of digital marketing due to very diverse customer profiles, behaviors and locations.

Understanding your target market will be the key driving force to what kind of digital channels i.e email marketing or social media should your business adopt, and how well you should craft your message. When creating the digital marketing strategy, there is no one size fits it all. Every audience is unique. Therefore, define your audience, segment and offer tailor made approaches for higher engagement.

3. The Competition is becoming stiff.

Every day, businesses employ more strategic sales persons. The new competition is getting so stiff that a business in the future must develop from this age. Devote more time and resources to digital marketing, to engage your audience and generate more leads.

In the current season, startups with low marketing capital are shaking up corporate businesses by creating innovative and more creative way for the online audience. New businesses understand the need to gain traction with an audience already and to determine product market fit. If you are not reaching potential customers where they are, i.e. online — a new company will do that.

4. Existing customers are your assets.

It is expensive when it comes to new client acquisition. It might even be more expensive to retain one. A clearly defined digital marketing strategy encourages existing as well as new customers to engage and remain loyal. Retention is just as important as acquisition. Successful brands and companies do not just stop at getting a sale from a customer, they continue to attract them with offers and free content, ensuring that their company remain front of mind when they purchase again.

It’s the old saying, easier (and cheaper) to sell to people who have bought from you in the past, as opposed to finding newer customers.

Messaging a brand via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and expecting an instant response is one of the best ways to keep your customers loyal and not go elsewhere for better customer service.

5. Understand your customers well.

It is true, with new media, you can measure everything. However, there are various limitations when you want to monitor and understand the mind of your client. Google Analytics and similar tools will only report volumes and not customer emotion.

It is therefore necessary to use user feedback tools to identify your pain points and then address them, for example seeking customer reviews and feedback forms on your website. This helps in keeping a good client-business relation.

I hope that these basic tips will help you in creating your next digital marketing strategy.

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Scott Herbert is a Web Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist. Currently working with Oracom Web Solutions as Lead Digital Marketing Strategist and Search Engine Marketing trainer for ORADMT. He is Team Member of Blumedia Digital Consulting

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