How to Create the Perfect Email Marketing


What makes an emailing campaign perfect? What steps do we have to take into account to achieve its purpose successfully?

This piece of blog is on how to create a perfect email marketing campaign.

In addition to being one of the classics of today and forever, email marketing  has gradually become an essential as a tool for user loyalty.

Not by the fact that our email arrives in an inbox means that it will be 100% effective. To make it so, is a triumph. Aspects like taking care of our database, speaking to our users from you to you, taking care of the message, measuring the frequency of sending , and above all, maintaining that attraction, direct and clear, are essential to increase the opening of the email, its effectiveness and our objective with success: To make known our message and to amplify it. Check here for tips on making better email campaigns.


Email marketing continues to allow us to reach our users more directly and successfully. There are many reasons why creating an email campaign is a very good idea:


The user voluntarily gives us his address because he wants to follow our news. It is therefore a proactive and open public to follow our offers. It also serves as a loyalty tool.


It is very simple to segment your mail database to send each offer only to the target you need. In this way, we can make a specific message for each type of user that we want to address.


Measuring the effectiveness of an emailing campaign is very useful, tools like mailchimp , allow you to analyze to the maximum both clicks, openings, casualties, impact, etc.


It allows us the possibility to configure the emailing as we want. Highlighting an offer or several, preparing an invitation to an event, increase subscriptions, highlight a news, etc.


It does not take a big investment to launch an email marketing campaign. It also eliminates fixed costs, and allows you to know all expenses and to check the return on investment instantly.


The user who wants to receive an email is aware of the action he has just taken. Receiving a desired communication does not make it intrusive. Of course, it is important that you keep in mind that the postings can only be made to those people who really want to receive the notifications in their email and have left it fixed. If this is so, the conversion of the campaign will be much higher.



  1. Look for a striking title. The title is as important as the content of emailing. Try to get the attention of the user by making that newsletter unique to him and with a brief and direct message.
  2. The presentation of your email, matters a lot. Check the spelling of the email, take care of the template you are going to use, do not abuse the images or long texts, and always perform tests so that everything looks correct, before sending the final newsletter.
  3. Less is always more. It is not a matter of filling out the information newsletter without further ado. It presents the content in a simple, simple and direct way.
  4. Do not forget to identify the email with the header and logo of your company , and always put the link “view web version” in case the user has a problem when opening your mail.
  5. It creates impact through a prominent article , since it is the one that will attract attention. Make that information the most important of all your email, emphasizing what we want to highlight or promote.
  6. Watch out for the pictures . Including them is important to attract attention visually. Take care of the images you put, the volume of them, and their size, since many email managers block them by default if the format is too large.
  7. Social buttons. They are useful both for sharing the content and thus facilitate the dissemination of information, as well as putting our social profile buttons so that we can continue without problems and know a little more about us.
  8. Your data will always be at the foot of the email or footer. It will serve to us to put our contact data and all the information of the company that we consider essential, mainly, so that the user can be put in contact with us.
  9. Unsubscribe button. In many newsletters it is the great unknown, because it does not appear anywhere. It is essential for the user, if he / she wishes, to be able to unsubscribe at any time.


If you are looking for inspiration in campaignmonitor, they offer you a compilation with the best emailing campaigns .

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Scott Herbert is a Web Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist. Currently working with Oracom Web Solutions as Lead Digital Marketing Strategist and Search Engine Marketing trainer for ORADMT. He is Team Member of Blumedia Digital Consulting

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